[ndbug] Home networking issue

Hrishikesh Muruk hrishim at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 07:28:05 PDT 2015


I have a network related issue. It is not BSD related since none of the
Wifi routers run BSD but I am still hoping to get some help from
experienced networking folks here.

I have two internet providers (yes "the IT capital of the country" and
cannot get stable internet from a single provider) and therefore two wifi

One of my machines - a FreeNAS server (ok some BSD involved) - is given a
static IP of and connects to the router through network
cable. All other devices get their IP dynamically.

Here is the problem:

For Wifi Router1 I have configured its IP as
For Wifi Router2 I have configured its IP as

When changing networks I physically re-connect the FreeNAS machine to the
other router.

When both routers are on simultaniously, Router2 automatically
re-configures itself to - I guess it is trying to avoid
conflicts with Router1.

But FreeNAS box becomes inaccessible via Router2 (I physically change its
connection but its static IP remains

Is there some way I can keep the FreeNAS machine on a static IP but
seemlessly connect to it from either router when I want to (I am ok with
switching cables since it is very accessible

Just incase it matters Router1 is an Apple Airport Extreme and Router2 is
an Asus RT-N14U

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