[ndbug] https everywhere

N.J. Thomas njt at ayvali.org
Thu Aug 10 14:40:48 PDT 2017

* T K Sourabh <sourabhtk37 at gmail.com> [2017-08-11 01:52:12+0500]:
> > Just as an fyi, I converted the site and the Mailman subscription page
> > to https (thank you LetsEncrypt!) right now.
> Awesome. HTTPS everywhere!

Yeah. Looks like the only trouble I had was deleting the underlying
host's (indraprastha's) SSL cert that was used by Postfix. It hadn't
been renewed in a year, so I thought it wasn't being used.

Luckily Postfix squawked, so I just dropped in a new one and things look
good now.


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