[ndbug] OpenSMTPD alias table syntax

N.J. Thomas njt at ayvali.org
Wed Jan 18 10:40:56 PST 2017

* Hrishikesh Murukkathampoondi <hrishim at gmail.com> [2016-12-28 15:04:20+0530]:
> I am confused about the correct format to use for OpenSMTPD alias tables. 

hi Hrishi,

Sorry to respond so late to your OpenSMTPD emails. I tried to figure out
things from the docs, but without actually installing and using
OpenSMTPD, I wasn't able to answer your questions.

If you haven't yet figured this out, you might have better luck asking
on the OpenSMTPD mailing list (https://www.opensmtpd.org/list.html)


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