[ndbug] [ILUG-D] Inviting NDBUG to our next meetup

N.J. Thomas njt at ayvali.org
Sat May 13 14:24:47 PDT 2017

* sourabh <sourabhtk37 at gmail.com> [2017-05-12 17:44:42+0500]:
> We at ILUG-D [1] were looking for people working in BSD and would be
> happy if someone from the community could take a session on Intro to
> BSD and so forth.
> Apart from that, we also invite all you folks to our next meetup for 
> possible collaboration.

Hi Sourabh,

I saw that you had also posted in the IRC channel, but I kept missing
you when I was online (ZNC FTW, btw).

Most, if not all, of the NDBUG folks are out of town, I'm not sure who
is in Delhi at the moment. I think someone would have responded if they
were. Apologies for this. =-/

But I would totally love to get some BSD-Linux cross-pollination going,
so I'll definitely hit you up in the future with some ideas.


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