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Late to the party,
My experiences with BSDs and some documentation I contributed can be found


I have used OpenBSD & FreeBSD also. NetBSD only to satisfy my curiosity.

Now a days when migrating servers to cloud is a fashion and using next
generation firewall with deep packet inspection is embraced I have had to
discard OpenBSD as a firewall. But it would be a great end to end
tunnelling device with CARP failover and stuff. And also the SSH VPN for
the lazzy.

some joke that come to my mind is




On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 1:56 PM, Hrishikesh Murukkathampoondi <
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> > I am curious to hear about list members' technology backgrounds, how
> > and if they use BSDs, which BSDs or even future plans to use BSDs.
> Hello George and others
> Thanks for putting up NYC*BUG talk videos on youtube. I have seen a few of
> them.
> I am a new user to BSD. I have dabbled with Net/Free/Open BSD as a student
> in the late 90s. Got introduced to them through a lab mate in college. My
> research led me in a different direction and Linux became my primary OS,
> later replaced by Mac OS X for my home machine.
> My professional and educational background is in CPU architecture and
> micro-architecture - design, performance, and verification. I recently got
> reacquainted with BSDs. I recently assembled a home NAS and installed
> FreeNAS on it. That prompted me to look up what is happening with currently
> in OpenBSD and FreeBSD - lots of new stuff ZFS, LibreSSL, Capsicum, Bhyve.
> I started running OpenBSD and FreeBSD in VMs. I got an ARM board with the
> intent of tinkering. I am trying to get Bitrig running on it. I dont run
> any "production systems” at this point (or intend to in the near future). I
> am hoping coding for the BSDs will become a hobby. I think I would enjoy
> getting back into systems. (If i can find time…)
> Thanks
> Hrishi
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