[ndbug] greetings

Hrishikesh Murukkathampoondi hrishim at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 04:26:31 EDT 2015

> I am curious to hear about list members' technology backgrounds, how
> and if they use BSDs, which BSDs or even future plans to use BSDs.

Hello George and others

Thanks for putting up NYC*BUG talk videos on youtube. I have seen a few of them.

I am a new user to BSD. I have dabbled with Net/Free/Open BSD as a student in the late 90s. Got introduced to them through a lab mate in college. My research led me in a different direction and Linux became my primary OS, later replaced by Mac OS X for my home machine.

My professional and educational background is in CPU architecture and micro-architecture - design, performance, and verification. I recently got reacquainted with BSDs. I recently assembled a home NAS and installed FreeNAS on it. That prompted me to look up what is happening with currently in OpenBSD and FreeBSD - lots of new stuff ZFS, LibreSSL, Capsicum, Bhyve.

I started running OpenBSD and FreeBSD in VMs. I got an ARM board with the intent of tinkering. I am trying to get Bitrig running on it. I dont run any "production systems” at this point (or intend to in the near future). I am hoping coding for the BSDs will become a hobby. I think I would enjoy getting back into systems. (If i can find time…)


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