[ndbug] Tor relays in India

N.J. Thomas njt at ayvali.org
Thu Oct 29 23:27:49 PDT 2015

* George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com> [2015-10-28 19:07:07-0400]:
> > What is the state of Tor Browser on FreeBSD?
> Hmmm.. I don't think there's anything in FreeBSD ports except for the
> Tor application itself (security/tor and security/tor-dev

Right you are.

> At some point, we'd love if someone took our OpenBSD implementation
> and port to FreeBSD.

Hmm. My C++-fu is not very good. How hard/bad was it porting tor-browser
to OpenBSD?

> > is it possible to run a tor node at arbitrary times?
> Interesting.  There's a few 'Accounting' options in the torrc:
> But for something that specific you might just want to use cron(8)

Okay, just wanted to make sure it was okay to have an ephemeral relay
node. Cron would work just fine.

> > I might just set something up now with a fast connection to an
> > Indian AS and then move it later.
> Ahh... that's one approach.
> Anyone else have data center/colo input in India?

I got some off-list mail recommending that I go with a non-Indian site
for now (albeit one close to an Indian AS), so I'll do that for now.


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