[ndbug] moved NDBUG server to India

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Tue Jul 26 03:06:13 PDT 2016

On 07/26/16 01:51, N.J. Thomas wrote:
> * Philip Paeps <philip at trouble.is> [2016-07-26 10:36:20+0530]:
>>> I took some time to move my Tor nodes to India as well.
>> Exit nodes?
> Nah, both are middle relays. While I think it is worthwhile to do so, I
> don't have the wherewithal to deal with running exit nodes. =-/

It's not a completely insane thing to do... let's remember there would
be no Tor network without exits.

It's a question of doing some planning and choosing the right provider, etc.



Without sane individuals running exits, the Tor network would be a less
safe place.

>> Or just bridges?  Seems "ambitious" to run exits in India!
> Totally. I've heard horror stories about people running exit nodes in
> the U.S. dealing with the authorities. Haven't heard about exit node
> operators in India yet, but I can't imagine it would be any better.

As above, it depends.

Exits are under one in seven of all relays... and the US has the most:


> In other Tor-node-in-India related news: I think the last time George
> posted here about it on NDBUG, he mentioned there were about 10 Tor
> relays in India. If my Compass-fu is right, I count about double that
> number right now, and at least 8 of those are from Digital Ocean, so
> that's very encouraging to see.

Yes.. .I see 19 Tor relays in .in now, of which three are FreeBSD.
Certainly an improvement.


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